Paathshala play school syllabus, 

CLASS – Nursery

Subject – English 

DateOralWrittenSubject Enrichment Activity 
April/ May’. 
Introduction of alphabets Aa How to hold the crayon, Scribbling, Alphabet- Aa, Picture recognition of alphabet Aa 
Fingerprint Colouring Storytelling,Fun with balls,Craft activity (Pasting), Conversation questions
June/ July’.Introduction of alphabets Bb – Ff, Two letter words 
Alphabets- Bb – Ff, Picture recognition of alphabets
Salt tray activity, Cotton dabbing
Colouring,Craft activity, Sorting
Colouring in Fruits and Vegetables,
Decorate your basket for fruits and vegetables, Alphabet lid 
August/ September’ . 
Introduction of alphabets Gg – Oo, Two letter words 
Alphabet Gg-Oo, Picture recognition
of alphabets Gg-Oo 
Paper tearing and pasting,Fingerprint
Craft activity, Hopscotch ,Treasure hunt Matching lid ,Brainstorming ,Clay moulding ,Sand paper activity 
October’. to November’ .Introduction of alphabets- Pp– Ss, Two letter words 
Colouring the block of alphabet, Circle the given alphabet, matching similar alphabets, Standing Line, Picture recognition of alphabets Pp-Ss 
Feed the Cow ,Magical alphabet ,Cotton dabbing in Spiral book ,Colouring in notebook ,Activity for take away ,Sorting

December’. to January’ . 
Introduction of  alphabets Tt-Yy Two letter words 
Colouring the block of alphabet, Circle the pictures related to alphabet, Sleeping Line, Slanting Line, Zig zag Line, Curves, Circle 
Alphabet bank ,Splash me ,Paper tearing and pasting in Spiral book
,Fingerprint in notebook ,Craft activity (For take away) ,Clay moulding

February to March’ . 
Introduction of alphabet Zz, Two letter words 
Colouring the block of alphabet, Circle the pictures related to alphabet, Mixed Pattern 
Fun with jelly ,Fingerprint in Spiral book ,Colouring in notebook ,Story telling (introductory story) ,Craft activity (Pasting) ,Conversation questions

Subject: Mathematics 

DateOralWrittenSubject Enrichment Activity 
April/ May’. 
Oral introduction of numbers 1-5, Number-1, Pre-math concept- Big and SmallColouring in block of 1, Exercise related to big and smallKnow about your body parts, Tracing in salt tray, counting with finger, Fingerprint in block of number, Paper tearing and pasting, Craft activity, Activity for concept, Colouring
June/ July’.Oral introduction of numbers 1-7, Introduction of number-2,
Pre-Maths concept- Up and Down, Shape- Circle
Introduction of number-2, Pre-Maths concept- Up and Down, Shape – Circle, Exercise related to conceptsCounting with artificial fruits, Arrange the fruits in the formation of number two, Tracing in the salt tray, Tracing on sandpaper, Earbud print,
Colouring, Cotton dabbing, Craft activity
August/ September’ . 
Oral introduction of numbers 1-10, Number-3,4, 5, Pre- Maths concept- Tall and Short, Shape – SquareNumber-3,4, 5, Pre-Maths concept- Tall and Short, Shape – Square, Exercise related to conceptsMake your abacus, Crawling on the shapes,
Magic pouch (potly), Colour Junction,
Conversation question
October’. to November’ .Oral introduction of numbers 11-15, Number-6-8 Pre-Maths concept- Long and Short Shapes – Triangle, RectangleCounting number 6-8, Colouring in numbers block, Count and Match, Colouring in Triangle Exercises related to conceptsNumber Puzzle ,Number caterpillar ,Tracing in the salt tray ,Tracing on sandpaper Earbud print in block of ,number in Spiral book ,Colouring in block of number in notebook ,Cotton dabbing in object for the number ,Craft activity for cut out
December’. to January’ . 
Oral introduction of numbers 15-20, Number-9, 10 Pre- Maths concept- In-Out, On-UnderCounting number 9 and 10, Colouring the number block, Circle the correct number Colouring in Rectangle, Exercise related to conceptsButton activity ,Ice-cream scoop ,Tracing in salt tray ,Counting with finger ,Fingerprint in block of ,number in Spiral book,Paper tearing and pasting in the object in Spiral book ,Activity for concept in Spiral book and in notebook ,Colouring in block of number in notebook ,Craft activity (Cut out Pasting)

February to March’ . 
Oral introduction of numbers 1-20  Revision ExercisesRevision ExercisesNumber scale ,Tracing in the salt tray
Tracing on sandpaper ,Earbud print in block of ,number in Spiral book ,Colouring in block of number in notebook ,Cotton dabbing in object for the number Craft activity for cut out

Subject: EVS 

DateTopicSubject Enrichment Activity 
April/ May’. 
Myself, My body parts, My family, My school, My neighbor 
Who am I,
know your neighbor,
say hello to our school,
Make your family tree,

June/ July’.Colours-Red, Yellow, Summer season, Fruits & Vegetables 
Vegetable printing, Salad making, Fruit chat, squeezing of sweet lime, Jigsaw Puzzle, Conversation question, Cotton dabbing for fruits, Jute Print for vegetables,
Collage making in the notebook
for fruits and vegetables

August/ September’ . 
Monsoon season, Festivals- Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami, Independence Day, Rainbow colours 
Explore the nature, Walking colour, Fun with ice tray, Colouring, Conversation questions

October’. to November’ . Wild animals
●  Farm animals ● Birds
● Water animals
●  Animal puzzle
●  Snake and ladder
●  Colouring in Spiral book in different
pages of animals
●  Conversation questions
December’. to January’ . 
●Who are community helpers?
●  Name of helpers
●  Role of helpers in our life
●  Tools of helpers

● Matching  ●  Let helper do his job
●  Conversation questions

February to March’ . 
●  What is transport
●  Mode of transport
●  Safety rules

● Transport  ●  Colouring in Spiral book in different pages of colours
●  Conversation questions

Subject: Rhymes and Stories

Stories and Songs 
April/ May’. 
Humpty Dumpty, I’m a little teapot, The A poem 
Stories- Germie and Sam  Song – लकड़ी की काठी , रे मामा रेरे मामा रे
June/ July’.Incy wincy spider, The B poem, The C poem, The D poem, The E poem, The F poem, आहा टमाटर बड़े मज़ेदार, आलू बोला मुझको खा लो, फलों का राजा आम.

Story- The Banana Peel •  Song- चंदा मामा दूर के, नानी तेरी मोरनी को मोर ले गए.   
August/ September’ . 
The G poem, The H poem, The I poem, The J poem, The K poem, The L poem, The M poem, The N poem, The O poem, Rain Rain go away ,Story- It’s Play time  Song-रघुपति राघव राजा राम
October’. to November’ .The P Poem, The Q Poem, The R Poem, The S Poem,तितली रानी, बैठा था एक डाल पर बंदर, एक चिड़िया के बच्चे चार, हाथी राजा बहुत बड़े, चिड़िया रानी.
Story: Riya and the Bird, The elephant and the friends,  Song-सारे जहाँ से अच्छा
December’. to January’ . 
The T Poem, The U Poem, The V Poem, The W Poem, The X Poem, The Y Poem,  देखो एक डाकिया आया , धोबी आया, देश की सेवा ,

Story: Christmas Gift,
Song: Jingle Bells
नन्हा मुन्ना राही हूँ, बम भोले
February to March’ . 
The Z Poem, The A-Z Poem, बच्चों वाली ट्रेन
Story: The little red car 

Subject: Art & Craft 

April/ May’. 
Finger printing, Cotton dabbing 
June/ July’.Pen’s cap printing, Vegetable printing, Sponge printing 
August/ September’ . 
Colouring, Paper roll print, Ear bud Printing 
October’. to November’ .Animal Collage printing, Bindi Pasting 
December’. to January’ . 
Origami, Earbud printing, Paper roll printing
February to March’ . 
Bindi Pasting, Transport Collage printing 

Subject: Good Habits and Kids Kitchenette Activity 

DateGood Habits 
Kids Kitchenette Activity 
April/ May’. 

Wish Good Morning, Thank You & Goodbye , Usage of May/Please
Brush your teeth twice a day 
Making of Lemonade / Lassi Making 
June/ July’.Sharing, Caring and helping
Eat with one hand only
Inculcate the habit of washing hands before and after meals 
Paneer Cup, Salad Making, Fruit Chaat 
August/ September’ . 
Use of Dustbin, Eat healthy and colourful vegetables ,Avoid Junk Food Chocolate Balls, Mini Pizza 
October’. to November’ .Always wash fruits & vegetables before eating, obey your parents and teachers, use of handkerchief when you sneeze/cough to cover the mouth and say “Excuse Me”, Eat healthy food and avoid junk food, Speak Politely and Obey elders Bread Sandwich 
December’. to January’ . 
Love and take care of animals, do not throw stones on animals, Don’s listen music while walking on the road, don’t play with risky things.Biscuit Cake
Peanut Masala

February to March’ . 
Follow traffic rules, walk on zebra crossing, don’t play on the road, look left and right while crossing the road